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  • Highest Earning Potential Per Square Foot

  • Increase Foot Traffic

  • Proactive Maintenance Process

  • Ongoing Game Upgrades

  • Unmatched Technical Support

  • Legal Game of Skill

  • Nation's Leading Skill Operator

  • Pace-O-Matic "Peace of Mind" Guarantee

  • Compliance Team

Pennsylvania Skill
Miele Amusements


Miele Amusements and Pennsylvania Amusements are  part of the Miele family of companies. Leaders in Miele companies hold advisory board positions within and outside of the industry.

Miele Amusements is a third generation, family owned business, and a nationally known amusement operator.


Miele Manufacturing provides quality contract manufacturing for world leaders such as Pace-O-Matic and TouchTunes. Its 68,000 square foot headquarters in Muncy, PA is a state of the art manufacturing and operations facility.

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