Miele Amusements has two locations, Williamsport and Reading, to provide quality service to businesses throughout Pennsylvania. Whether you are looking to have TouchTunes, Pennsylvania Skill games, ATMs, pool tables, or other products installed in your location, Miele Amusements has what you are looking for to grow your business.

For service inquiries, call 800.338.8401.

Miele Amusements and Pennsylvania Amusements are Pennsylvania's leading amusement company and distributor of Pennsylvania Skill.


Miele's is a Pennsylvania-based, third-generation family owned business and is nationally known for its involvement within the amusement industry on a national level as an operating company as well as a manufacturer.

Miele Amusements takes pride in providing the highest level of service for our clients. We provide service seven days a week for 14 hours a day.


Pennsylvania Skill games provide customer retention for businesses and increase customer spending.

Pennsylvania Skill has provided new revenue for bars, taverns, clubs, VFWs, American Legions, convenience stores, tobacco stores, among many other businesses and organizations throughout the commonwealth.

Convenience stores that operate TRTs on location see an in store sales gross margin of 30% to 37% with in store sales per square foot profitability at $32 to $66, according to NACS.

The per square foot profitability of a skill game is $11,077.04. Apple is the number one per square foot profitability at $5,546.

Pennsylvania Skill is endorsed by the Asian American Retailers Association (AARA).

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