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Are you looking for a way to increase the perceived value of your location? Miele Amusements offers a great way to not only keep your customers at your location, but keep them coming back for more with an on-site ATM.

ATMs on locations instantly add

  • Increased amount of spendable cash at your place of business.

  • Keep customers on-site longer, they won't need to "run to the bank."

  • Gain more traffic by adding an ATM.

It is no secret that locations with ATM machines naturally attract more customers. Why? American's tend to plan trips, outings, and recreational activities around having some form of access to their money.

Miele Amusements offers ATM services for retail and hospitality industries. We will install and ATM at your facility, perform all maintenance, and keep it loaded with cash for your customers. With Miele Amusements, you can have the benefits of having an ATM at your location with no cost to you.

Miele's 360 degree level of service ensures you get all of the benefits of having an ATM machine with none of the worry, plus your location will receive a commission based on transaction volumes.

By adding an ATM to your location, this is an easy way to set up additional income form your business and give customers peace of mind, convenience, and more money to spend at your location.


  • Reduce or eliminate your credit card processing fees in your business by making it easier for customers to access cash

  • 50 percent of cash accessed on location is normally spent in that location.

  • Eliminate bad checks.

  • Income potential.

  • Added value service for you customers.

  • 24/7 monitoring of the cash level will ensure that your customers will have the cash they need, when they need it.

  • Complete installation, monitoring, cash loading, and service at no charge.

  • Fully insured. 

For more information, call (800) 338-8401.

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