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Ticket Redemption Terminal

The TRT is a safe, accurate way to handle any location’s redemption needs. Players are confident their tickets will be paid immediately. The TRT provides privacy that players appreciate & this is why they seek out locations operating TRTs. With a 50% to 100% increase in revenue for locations operating TRTs, this is a game changer.


  • Steel Construction with a UL-291 Security Rating

  • Electronic Lock Vault Access

  • Four 2,000-Note Cassettes

  • Full-Color Touchscreen Display

  • Pyramid Self-Cutting Printer

  • 3-D Barcode Scanner

  • Age Verification System

  • 12-Month Warranty

  • Router Provided for Hooking Up Multiple Machines

  • Opt Connect Wireless Cellular Modem

    • Two Year Agreement, First Year Provided: $29.99​

  • Cash Keeper Management System

    • First Year Provided with Purchase, Renewal Required​


  • Accurate Accounting

    • Reconcile Books Faster​

    • Reliable, Quick Collections

  • Less Wait Time and Hassle-Free Payments for End-Users

    • Provides Player Anonymity​

  • Provide Increase Security and Improve Transparency

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