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Eighth ruling confirms Pennsylvania Skill legal status

Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas Orders Return of Wrongfully Seized PA Skill Games

Pace-O-Matic has received yet another successful order in a return of property case, this time in Luzerne County, on June 5, 2023.

Pace-O-Matic has received yet another successful order in a return of property case, this time in Luzerne County, on June 5, 2023. This property – skill gaming machines, related equipment, and cash — was wrongfully seized during raids conducted by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Liquor Control and Enforcement (BLCE). The Commonwealth, who has held this seized equipment for years, did not contest Pace-O-Matic's motion.

Matthew Haverstick of Kleinbard, LLC, counsel for Pace-O-Matic, said there should be no question in anyone’s mind at this point about the legality of skill games. 

"The Commonwealth has wrongfully seized Pennsylvania Skill equipment for years with no credible evidence that the games are illegal,” said Haverstick. “This ruling once again shows our legality – several courts have ruled appropriately and consistently so."

Pace-O-Matic's Chief Public Affairs Officer Mike Barley added, "With the legality of our games upheld repeatedly, we now want to work with the Legislature to pass language that will fairly regulate and tax the skill game industry. In fact, Pace-O-Matic stands out among our competitors as the active driving force seeking additional regulation and taxation. The time is now to pass common sense legislation, establishing structure and security for an industry that is doing so much to support Pennsylvania small businesses and fraternal clubs."

Along with Luzerne County, Pennsylvania Skill games also have been ruled games of predominant skill by courts in Beaver, Dauphin, Monroe, and York counties. Additionally, after a review of the law and court decisions, the games have been returned in both Clearfield and Delaware counties.

Click here to read the Luzerne County ruling.

Click here to read the Dauphin County ruling.

Click here to read that Clearfield County ruling.

Click here and here to read orders from Monroe County.

Click here to read the York County order.

Click here to read the Beaver County order.

Pennsylvania Skill has pumped new life into the Commonwealth's small businesses, fraternal and social clubs, volunteer fire companies and veterans' organizations. Sill games provide entertainment that the public enjoys while generating revenue for struggling small businesses. Meanwhile, research data proves skill games do not impact the revenue of casinos and the lottery, both achieving record profits yearly. 

Pennsylvania Skill games are manufactured in the Commonwealth, and over 90% of the profits stay inside the state. That is unheard of in gaming and many other industries. Pace-O-Matic is proud of its record and looks forward to continuing to benefit Pennsylvania businesses, clubs, and taxpayers now and in the future.

Pace-O-Matic's Pennsylvania Skill products are manufactured by Miele Manufacturing in Williamsport, which has created nearly 200 direct jobs. Many of the materials used to make up the gaming machines come from companies in the Commonwealth. Additionally, Pennsylvania Skill game revenue has become a lifeline to fraternal clubs and organizations across the Commonwealth, including American Legions, VFWs, and local fire companies. 

This article was originally published on June 8, 2023, by GlobeNewswire.

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