Pennsylvania Skill is designed by POM of PA and is solely distributed by Miele Manufacturing.  Pennsylvania Skill is one of only two skill games to be adjudicated in a Pennsylvania court. (see skill game court ruling link on this page) This game was found to be a true skill game and not a game of chance. Because of this cash prizes are allowed to be awarded from this game.  

     The court ruling received on the Pennsylvania Skill game only applies to this skill game.  No other game is covered under this ruling. Many other machines have come into the PA market stating they are the same as the Pennsylvania Skill game so they are just as legal. That simply is not true. The fact is most of these games are not skill based at all. They contain the element of chance rather then skill making them true gambling devices. The operators of these devices are exposing their customers to criminal activity that could cost them heavy fines or loss of PA Beverage license privileges.