Miele Amusements is a family run business spanning three generations. The company was founded by Louis A. Miele Sr. in 1935. Our company has been providing it's clients with the best available entertainment devices for over 80 years. At Miele Amusements we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service for our clients. We provide service 7 days a week and 14 hours a day. Miele Amusements has also stayed in touch with the changes within our industry, often times being the market leader in bringing new technology to our clients. Miele Amusements has been called upon numerous times over the years by manufacturers to help design and guide new products to the market. Miele Amusements has become a nationally known company due to its involvement within the amusement industry on a national level as an operating company as well as a manufacturer. Thank you for your interest in Miele Amusements. Please feel free to contact us to see how we can help you and your business.

Louis D. Miele